Friday, June 24, 2011

Must Have!

Question: What is that something without which which life just seems impossible? 

Answer : Cell Phone, Computer, Internet,  Makeup Kit, Sanitizer, Perfumes, Branded Clothing, ATM card/Credit Card, Car, Diamonds...etc., the list does not seem to end.

I guess or believe the above would be most frequently available answers. Is it worth giving a thought as to how much the above mentioned objects have invaded our life, consumed our time(rather stolen). Is life so very impossible with out them? Are they meant to be at our service, rather than the other way round!

He toils everyday to build up a beautiful city in the foreign lands, to be able to feed his family back home. He is at the grassroots level to run the system(drainages) or any of the so called dirty but extremely important activity.

He lives /sleeps in a space barely more than what he will be buried under someday. He has no time to think of all that as he is busy working the whole day, and busy sleeping the whole night just to be ready to get back to work the very next day. He lives by and we all know him as the nameless, faceless, one among the hundreds of labourers who have been working like a machine only to make our lives happier and cleaner. He was busy living his life yesterday to reach his life tomorrow. Some one killed him today!
Two sets of clothes, a curry pot, rice cooker and an album of family photos. This was all he had

What is it that we all must have?

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  1. hey all those are not essentials! carry enough money around and these are available with a click of your finger tips:) or use a MASTERCARD he he