Sunday, November 14, 2010


A Design so Vast

The Designer supreme!

His Designs varied!

Sometimes Serene

Frantic at times

Knowledge Management

Eating and Sleeping are the two common activities for human beings and animals. Food and Water at regular intervals will always be our basic need. It is only after food, we can think of anything else. Same is the case for animals and birds. Unlike us they don't spend their lives dressing, working, building homes, travelling  and the many of the other things we do. The only other activity we have in common  is sleeping.  

There is a story most of us know about the thirsty crow. I have known this story as a kid. This story is something I believe my dad loved telling all kids, so I have had a chance to it hear all the time.
Well, the story goes like this: There was  thirsty crow, flying desperately in search of water. Finally it found water in a pot. But to its disappointment, the water was at the bottom of the pot. 

The crow started thinking. Necessity is the mother of invention. Its continuous thinking finally worked. Idea!!!. 
It started getting pebbles, and putting them slowly into the pot. The water level rose gradually. Finally the water reached the brim of the pot. The crow drank the water and quenched its thirst. 

Sequel to the above story in the age of KM and IT and senseless application!

The above crow published it ideas and distributed it for future references. Just like we do. 
Some of the crows might have understood it right.

 I saw a crow the other day, I am sure he has read its lessons well, but did not understand the context. 

This crow was thirsty. There was no stagnant water anywhere around, because, stagnant water is a breeding place for mosquitoes. 
There was a river close by, but the crow did not know that(It might be a lazy crow and did not bother to scan the whole area by flying around). 

Finally it found a few droplets of water on the road, at the bus stop I was standing.These droplets were from the disposal tube as the bus was air conditioned. When the bus stopped for a while at the bus stop, enough water had dropped on the road. The road was slightly uneven at that area. Shallow enough to collect that little water, Surface tension helped the water molecules stick to each other without breaking of. 

The crow has some food in its beak. It drops the food aside and first tries to drink that water, but ends up unsuccessful. It bends its head so it can get its beak slanting into the water and tries to drink. I think, finally it got a drop of it, but its thirst was not yet quenched, and there was a little more water on the road.

The age old learning strikes its mind. But unfortunately, there are no stones around and it is too tired and lazy to fly and get some. So it picked its food(was a big piece) and gently dropped it in the water.The food particle soaked the water! :( 

Knowledge  management  done !  But zero result :( Poor crow. My sympathies.

The next bus came, I had to get into it. I wished this bus also would leave some water for the crow to drink.