Friday, April 16, 2010

Worthwhile thought

Look around.Our collective humanity is dying a little more every day. Technology is killing life on the street.Chat rooms, text messaging, IM are all, technically, forms of communication.But when they replace yakking over the back fence, or sitting huggermugger at the bar or simply walking with a friend -- as they have for an increasing number of people in "advanced" societies -- then meaningful human contact is lost. Ease of use is small compensation - Tony Long


  1. That's true Renu! Technology is killing simple pleasures... Like writing letters and waiting for the postman for letters from losed ones! Childhood days were fun days... These days children do not get to enjoy such activities. They get glued to TV or computer or video games. It's sad!

  2. hey I was in India..just saw ur comment! I did not even get a notification!