Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Look

The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and to preserve change amid order. - Alfred North Whitehead
Change keeps our minds occupied. The process of change and the process after  change. The stage of liking and unliking it, reviewing it and modifying it for the better.
Change for progress or better is appreciable.

I love redesigning my home, to move the furniture and the small different artifacts around, the artifacts collected from different places at different timings, something which has a story to it, albeit a short one and  to myself. The story increases the importance of holding it. 

There are some spaces and colours which go well, with the overall ambience and design and the name.

Well same goes on with my blog.
I always wanted a black page for my blog. A black one, just like a Slate, as is the name of my Blog. The reason for the name " The Slate", is I am learning how to write. It was one of my interests and I never explored, but I love to write. So I have changed my blog's look, with plans to redesign it slowly. While  my inspiration, to create one was Ravi , to keep writing is Prabha, my friend whose writing style I admire and I am a fan of.

As with my blog, I have a new look too.

It is now tamed and left free. It obeys me now, unlike before when it decided where it had to see.

My hair is now straight !!! And it gives me great happiness to not meddle with the curls and frequent hair cuts all by myself. I always wanted straight long hair. Whenever I expressed this wish, my parents time and again, they told me how wonderful it is to have curly hair and how lucky I am to have curly hair. My dad specialises in making me feel good with what I have. He emphasizes on how necessary it is for a person to be good and beautiful at heart. He would praise me as "why does a golden doll need any makeup" , though not the exact translation. It definitely was an exaggeration, though. Times when I felt lonely as I was the only kid, he would say that I am lucky as I would get undivided attention and love from my parents, as I was their only kid. That part was fine but I was more worried about all the scoldings I would get for being mischievous, and no one else to be blamed except me. Anything wrong at home all fingers would point to me, so I had to be extra careful.

But the point is about my hair now, I continued to cut my hair, when ever I felt it had to be straight, since the curls at the bottom would be cut, the remaining hair would be straight for some time. I was not aware of the number of times I subject it to scissors all by myself, whenever I wanted. Due the torments it had continuously undergone from me time and again without any recourse to the suffering, it now stands short like a bonsai. But to my surprise when I finally  straightened my hair,  the length was quiet good and I was very happy about it. But the hair stylist , offered to trim my hair. I  politely refused. She insisted I trim my hair, I refused again. She offered to do it to for free. I resisted. But she insisted again, she promised to trim very little. I finally gave up. Before even I could tell her how much to trim, her instruments cruised through my hair and it was all over. She was happy and the length is small again.I only wish it grows fast and I be careful about not getting lured into temptations.


  1. Yes, even I like changes in the arrangement of things at home... :)

    I have straight hair and I have always wished for some curls! :)

  2. I think we all are like that...we want something that we don't have!

  3. Renu,
    I empathize with your curly hair problem! But, its not the hair I have a problem with, but not knowing how to manage it. In India especially, the salons never knew how to cut it. :) I think I like my curls now. (although I do straighten my hair every once in a while)

    Your new hairstyle looks great on you :)

    Do share pictures of your house as well

    And thanks for the very undeserved compliment :) That was sweet.

  4. Very much deserving Prabha, do you remember,there was a girl who shifted from your class to my class in the 2nd year. I remember how you were solving Maths problems for her, after she shifted to BSc! One multi-talented girl you are. Maybe I dont even know the words to compliment you properly. You can pass me on the best words and I can write them down:) I have been your admirer way back, since 10 years!!! Long Time Fan :)

  5. Arshiya? It was a very brave thing she did... shifting from Economics to Math!

    The thing I remember most is sitting in your physics class and getting yelled at by the lecturer for not coming regularly. Tee hee...

    don't think she realized i didn't belong to the class for the longest time. :)

    You classes were fun... and so were you. xx

  6. yessss! Brave indeed,
    Was that Jayashree maam? hehe

    If God would ask me who would you want to be in your next life, if at all their is one and he wants to give me one: I would say Prabha!!! :)