Friday, April 16, 2010

Locked (Out) In

A busy day all of a sudden in the midst of  so many many crazily inactive ones is like being caught in a sudden downpour. 

I open  all the doors and windows to let bright sunlight and fresh air inside. The doors are usually held to their positions with their holder, which I forget to place in their positions most of the times, except after it shuts BANG the first time. This time, as usual I open the door and windows and the bedroom door shuts.The door shuts and in the room, it holds the laptop, the land line and my mobile and the keys to open the front door. All forms of communication and me inside along with them and luckily a window accessible to the outside. What a blessed lock out! It has been a busy day being  locked out in my own room.  

Since I had access to phone I get busy making calls, about how I am locked and unable to come out. I then send messages to all my online friends about being locked out in a room and how I cannot even have my lunch or even drink water and how terribly hungry I am. I spend my 2-3 hours thus. With no one to get worried and come running to help me, I finally decide to search  for a locksmith's number and call him. He tells that the lock has been broken and hence the need to break it open. Then I realise I din't have enough money at home. Breaking a lock costs as much as fixing the lock, if we have purchased the lock. And the charges are fixed, so no bargaining. He hits the lock with a hammer. The door throws open, after my 3 hour ordeal inside. I end up thanking(paying) this kind hearted person an amount of  35 dollars to break the lock. If he had to fix a new one(70 dollars, 35 for a new lock and 35 to fix it). Total amount spent to pay for the door lock, which closed due to the strong wind: 105 dollars.

I am all plans to follow his footsteps! Sounds like a good option. 

But how much I missed the opportunity to become dramatic, about me getting locked out, not answering the phone and messages online, not being able to open the front door and creating a big ruckus and scaring others. 

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  1. i can agree on the whole scene but not feel anything but not for missing the food.

    cant imagine if i can be without food and water around me. keep munching something or the other:)lol