Saturday, January 2, 2010


I was in the MRT.  The car was almost empty. I stood on one side of the door. My eyes were browsing through the whole of the car for a seat to sit. Suddenly I see a lady holding a pram, tears rolling down her eyes. I suppose she was a maid, since there was a family sitting with an year old baby diagonally opposite to her. There were a lot of people around the kid, and were clicking pictures and playing with the kid. She finally got out along with them at the next station.

I went through a tremendous amount of discomfort. Neither do I know the reason behind her tears, nor would I be able to do anything for her, to assuage her.

I was always at discomfort to see, tears in the eyes of the maids. Probably, the reason was their master. Maybe she was hurt.

Don't they have the right to work (here work is to take care of their precious children throughout, until they actually grow; almost being a mother) in  a harmonious environment. How can people who employ maids to take care of their kids let them cry and not even bother.

It pains, to see women , who have given up their home to settle some other homes  treated with pain. Money /Wages do not make everything. I am completely clueless if there were any reasons or were repurcussions. She might have been wrong, or it might have been the employer's mistake.

Someone, deserted, in a foreign land, with tears rolling down their cheeks, whimpering helplessly, silently - An agonizing sight!


  1. yes, it does should have asked her, whats wrong ani

  2. but her employer also was it doesnt look if i go and create a scene :(