Monday, January 4, 2010

Rejoice with ROYCE

Introducing the Rolls-Royce of Chocolates!!!

Forget love-- I'd rather fall in chocolate-- I wouldn't mind drowning either!!!

Am I in love in chocolates? No, not until I ate the heavily dusted with cocoa powder, smooth to touch and tongue,NAMA chocolate from ROYCE, Hokkaido, Japanese chocolatier.

An epitome of chocolate-ness.

If chocolates, then this is the one. The best of the rest. It is so creamy and soft in your mouth and it melts and slides down your throat. Its all over in a minute and you wouldnt even know. It is as if a dream, you pine for more.

Just right in the sweetness, subtle in the mouth, yet bountiful is the bliss.

My friend ate an icecream " Devil's Delight" and said " You can die after eating it"

I would say " You can die after eating this chocolate" . Its just too relishious.

The chocolate comes in a packaging of 5 layers apart from  a small packet of cooling gel, to ensure it stays strong until it makes way to your mouth, through a tiny plastic fork.

Thank you so much Kanika and Abhijeet for the delicious dinner and delectable chocolate!


  1. you told me TEN times that the chocolates were good!! now i wanna eat them real bad!!

  2. i can tell u another 100 times...they were so so so going to go and get them and eat :P