Monday, January 11, 2010

Bitter gourd Salad

As time passes by, I realise, I do not have varying seasons here. 
I cant talk of fall and spring and autumn like my friends in US. I cant think of wearing different clothes for winter and summer. 
Moreover I cannot write here, that it was bright and sunny last month, and snowy and cold now. I cannot take pictures to show of my stylish sweaters and jackets, tall boots and long coats.
But who said, it is the same always. We are also blessed with sun, rain and no show snow!
I looove the idea of playing in snow and I am jealous, when my friends mail me the pictures of the snowfall in their respective countries.

Since I have limited seasons I cook snacks for the rain and the shine.
Rain would let you have crunchy food, while what with shine?

The amateur cook is exploring various taste-bud-tickling dishes in this wonderful journey of culinary experience.
The dishes described here are learnt by me from my mom, mom-in-law, family and friends. Some of them happen to be accidents at work. The recipe would at times change its course, as per our instincts to suit our palate.

Below is MIL's  Bitter gourd Salad Snack for your taste buds when the sun is bright, son's favourite.

Clean bitter gourd.
Slice the bitter gourd as thin as possible.
Have oil ready to fry in a pan.
Deep fry the slices.

Cut onions and tomato, green chilli as required. Put salt. 

Mix the fried bitter gourd, onion, tomato, chilli and salt.

Simple and Quick.That's for the hot and bright evening.


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