Monday, December 28, 2009

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Dt back to Dec 8th.

Suddenly it is an year!

It all feels like just yesterday. Time flew, along with it, showed new horizons, wiped out old memories, brought in new milestones, and it feels as if life has just started.

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is unborn.

Today is here! Today is now!

Let the burdens of the gone be buried!

Let the flavour of the unborn be sealed!

Revel in the Now! For it slips before we even know!

I am trying to see if I can write  poem, with a few rhyming words in them...but then I dont think it is easy...though I am sure the above one is pretty ok....I will have a few more practice sessions and all my guests will need to bear them...
As a kid I was always in awe of poems which had rhyming words.Those which were not rhyming were not poems for me.


  1. hehe, nice start to try writing poems...inka try cheyi...its veryy easy!