Sunday, December 20, 2009


Wow!! was what I thought, I would think and say about Avatar. But the movie only pampers you with awesome and impressive graphics but does not bother to captivate the attention of the audience at any point. With all the hype, I must say it has been pretty disappointing.

Next scene was predictable, most of the times. An other love story with flash attacks and blasts.

Boy-meets-girl. He saves  her world risking his own life. Most of the human beings are selfish and destruction oriented. They use and abuse power to accumulate wealth, except for the hero and his good friends.

More than the message of global warming I felt the movie conveyed that all the living creatures are in perfect harmony and it is for everyone and specially for the human race to understand it and nourish it. This message is sent across and it seems to be a nice reminder to all, if anyone has bothered to notice it, as goes the saying "Earth has enough for everyone's need, but not for everyone's greed".

3D version I guess would be a better bet for enjoying the stunning graphics.

Where can I get a  frog? :P

Kissing can turn a frog into a prince!!!

Disney's animation movie" the princess and the frog" was an entertaining one though.
This is the first time the Disney movie had an African-American princess. It potrays how she wins over the other American princess and marries the prince.

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