Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pesarattu Dosa

Food is cooked elaborately for 2-3 hours to perfection but is consumed in a matter of minutes and the fact that my work for 3 hours is all undone in a matter of minutes is really not acceptable.

Easy cooking has been my passion. I have always tried to find an easy way out for the lengthy cooking while retaining the taste.

My experiment has thus given me a new and tasty pesarattu.

Dosaaaa is one of my favourite food item and pesarattu is a special dosa and an Andhra Delicacy.
These are usually soft, but I have always loved crispy crunchy dosas.

I have edited the pesarattu to make them crispy and tasty. Healthy they are!

Try this
2 cups of Whole Moong Dal(the beans used for sprouts)
1 cup of Rice.
1 tea spoon Black pepper(whole)

Wash them and soak in water overnight.

Get up at 5.30 a.m(:D :P) in the morning, grind them. Make the batter liquid enough for the dosas to come out well.

Add salt, jeera and ajwain.

Make crunchy dosas! Put oil as well.


  1. Yummy! I will try it out! :)

    But I wont get up at 5:30AM to make the batter :P

  2. :d, if u cant make the batter at 5.30 a.m, dont blame me regarding the taste of dosas :P. The batter has to be made before sunrise. hahaha

  3. Renu, it could have been very nice if added some pictures to the articles - Pesarattu Dosa, Gongura Pacchadi, Luncheon on a Banana Leaf, they could have spoken a lot here. I never knew that you are good cook and would write up articles on cooking!!!!!

  4. yeah, but my picasa is full..ill need to delete a few photos and i dont want to...maybe moving forward..ill try and put pics also...apart from that im also lazy to click and put them up ..:)