Thursday, December 24, 2009

My wish list

Incase any of the wannabe entrepreneurs are looking for fantastic ideas, read through...

They are patented, so get in touch to make your royalty payments.

Listed below are a few wishes. Work on them and you could make millions. If you have read, implemented, made money, pass it on, or your wealth and health will vanish in 7 days!!! Beware!!!:D

I wish all things what we need could be grown on trees,
most important, money[:D]. I could just go and pluck in speed

I wish all the cooked foods also had seeds, I could plant, grow them, pluck and eat

The trees need to be bonsai trees.

Technology transmits our voice to another corner of the world. people so far!
I wish the contents of the book would be transmitted into my mind without the actual read. we are very near! yaaay! then, I can master Chinese!!!

I wish clothes had a fine lining of rubber in them.
They wouldn't wrinkle and we dont need to iron!

I wish I had a pair of wings. I dont have to walk nor learn to swim!

Thats it for now! Thank you for coming this far! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !


  1. I enjoyed reading your wishes, nice write up and priceless thoughts.
    I’m reminded that we must with caution wish, as these may come true, they tend to but not in your timeframe, but in that timeframe of what is meant to be.

  2. Interesting!!! I enjoyed it! I think all people have wishes and dreams.
    I hope your wishes come true!