Sunday, December 27, 2009

Email and Email ids

The evolution of computers made more sense for the common man when the internet arrived! Email /Chat has been one of the most wonderful inventions. Like every other invention, this also has its own share of pros and cons, but has been a blessing to the otherwise expensive and time consuming business of communication.

The cyber cafe's mushroomed in the city. Initially the charges were almost Rs. 100 for opening an email id. I guess we could also use the computer for an hour. The current charges per hour are I guess Rs.10/-.

Today we share without great apprehensions our name, thoughts, photos and various other information on the internet. About 10 years ago when email and email id had just begun gaining acceptance most were happy to have own email ids, with their own name in this virtual world though some were very skeptic on the contrary.

My first mail id was, not in use anymore. Thanks to my friend Deepa, her cousin had taught her how to open a rediff mail id. Like many others, I belonged to the skeptic lot, but wanted an email id , though had no mails sent or received.

Most of us might not be using our first email ids any longer, while few have even forgotten that they ever had an email id like that.
A peek into the email ids would mostly unravel a funny story regarding the creation of email id in that particular fashion.

But I have a few of my friends using their first email ids. Some of them have a funny story to them. I cannot discuss the funny ones here, as they also read my blog and might be offended.

I can try and generalise one such story here. I got in touch with a friend of mine after almost 10 years. His email id was passed on by another friend of mine. I was skeptic initially as the email id did not seem to belong to him even remotely, except for the fact that a very trustworthy friend had given it to me. Moreover the friend under consideration is a male and the email id sounded feminine.

My first question was obviously about the email id.This email id he was using was his first one, but was not his mail id infact. It was actually his friends email id. As he did not know how to create one, he borrowed the id and kept it for himself. So the name in the email id was his friends pet name:-)

I guess all of us will have a story about our first encounter with computers, ms office, pc games( the most common one I guess was pac man) mail ids, and it will definitely bring a smile on our face when we think of what was going on in our mind while we were creating one!!!

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