Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas @ Orchard

Christmas is a reason for celebration by all people all over the world. It spreads love, togetherness, harmony and much more. It spreads merriness everywhere. Come the Christmas season and we see the malls and roads beautifully decorated with Colourful Lights, Christmas Trees  in different shapes and sizes, not to forget everyone's favourite  Father Christmas , Santa Claus.

Singapore was no different. The Orchard Road, a very busy road, in the Central Business District, which  has  Istana (official residence of The President of  Singapore) had the whole stretch of the road and malls on either side enticingly illuminated. For all the chocolate lovers... we  had a Christmas Tree made of Ferro Rochers.

The pathway was full of youngsters making merry with the Foam Party. Everyone had foam cans and would spray out at random passers-by or their own group of friends. The best half managed to not let anyone spray foam on, but yes, the other half was a victim :).

We walked down the entire stretch at midnight, clicking pictures of youngsters having fun with the foam and admiring the Christmas Trees and the figurines.Reached home at 2 in the night, all tired and hungry and had hot and delicious Maggi cooked by Harish.

How I wish I could share a few pictures, but lack of space in picasa stops me. Let me clear the existing pictures and then put them in. So keep visiting!!!

Wish you all a Happy New Year!


  1. create a new google account...thats what i did! i have 3 accounts just to upload pics :)

  2. i also have 3 hehe..same pinch..and all are currently full..wil have to try and delete a few..