Monday, December 28, 2009

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Dt back to Dec 8th.

Suddenly it is an year!

It all feels like just yesterday. Time flew, along with it, showed new horizons, wiped out old memories, brought in new milestones, and it feels as if life has just started.

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is unborn.

Today is here! Today is now!

Let the burdens of the gone be buried!

Let the flavour of the unborn be sealed!

Revel in the Now! For it slips before we even know!

I am trying to see if I can write  poem, with a few rhyming words in them...but then I dont think it is easy...though I am sure the above one is pretty ok....I will have a few more practice sessions and all my guests will need to bear them...
As a kid I was always in awe of poems which had rhyming words.Those which were not rhyming were not poems for me.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas @ Orchard

Christmas is a reason for celebration by all people all over the world. It spreads love, togetherness, harmony and much more. It spreads merriness everywhere. Come the Christmas season and we see the malls and roads beautifully decorated with Colourful Lights, Christmas Trees  in different shapes and sizes, not to forget everyone's favourite  Father Christmas , Santa Claus.

Singapore was no different. The Orchard Road, a very busy road, in the Central Business District, which  has  Istana (official residence of The President of  Singapore) had the whole stretch of the road and malls on either side enticingly illuminated. For all the chocolate lovers... we  had a Christmas Tree made of Ferro Rochers.

The pathway was full of youngsters making merry with the Foam Party. Everyone had foam cans and would spray out at random passers-by or their own group of friends. The best half managed to not let anyone spray foam on, but yes, the other half was a victim :).

We walked down the entire stretch at midnight, clicking pictures of youngsters having fun with the foam and admiring the Christmas Trees and the figurines.Reached home at 2 in the night, all tired and hungry and had hot and delicious Maggi cooked by Harish.

How I wish I could share a few pictures, but lack of space in picasa stops me. Let me clear the existing pictures and then put them in. So keep visiting!!!

Wish you all a Happy New Year!

My Name!!!


RENU in Braille Alphabet

RENU in Sign Language

RENU in Morse Code

RENU in Marine Flag Language

Thank you Arathi

Try this!!! : Site that Pokes Your First Name!

Email and Email ids

The evolution of computers made more sense for the common man when the internet arrived! Email /Chat has been one of the most wonderful inventions. Like every other invention, this also has its own share of pros and cons, but has been a blessing to the otherwise expensive and time consuming business of communication.

The cyber cafe's mushroomed in the city. Initially the charges were almost Rs. 100 for opening an email id. I guess we could also use the computer for an hour. The current charges per hour are I guess Rs.10/-.

Today we share without great apprehensions our name, thoughts, photos and various other information on the internet. About 10 years ago when email and email id had just begun gaining acceptance most were happy to have own email ids, with their own name in this virtual world though some were very skeptic on the contrary.

My first mail id was, not in use anymore. Thanks to my friend Deepa, her cousin had taught her how to open a rediff mail id. Like many others, I belonged to the skeptic lot, but wanted an email id , though had no mails sent or received.

Most of us might not be using our first email ids any longer, while few have even forgotten that they ever had an email id like that.
A peek into the email ids would mostly unravel a funny story regarding the creation of email id in that particular fashion.

But I have a few of my friends using their first email ids. Some of them have a funny story to them. I cannot discuss the funny ones here, as they also read my blog and might be offended.

I can try and generalise one such story here. I got in touch with a friend of mine after almost 10 years. His email id was passed on by another friend of mine. I was skeptic initially as the email id did not seem to belong to him even remotely, except for the fact that a very trustworthy friend had given it to me. Moreover the friend under consideration is a male and the email id sounded feminine.

My first question was obviously about the email id.This email id he was using was his first one, but was not his mail id infact. It was actually his friends email id. As he did not know how to create one, he borrowed the id and kept it for himself. So the name in the email id was his friends pet name:-)

I guess all of us will have a story about our first encounter with computers, ms office, pc games( the most common one I guess was pac man) mail ids, and it will definitely bring a smile on our face when we think of what was going on in our mind while we were creating one!!!

I read somewhere: "I love to dance in the rain, because no one can see my tears"

Ok, now when you feel like crying and then there is no rain , what to do?

Cut onions!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

My wish list

Incase any of the wannabe entrepreneurs are looking for fantastic ideas, read through...

They are patented, so get in touch to make your royalty payments.

Listed below are a few wishes. Work on them and you could make millions. If you have read, implemented, made money, pass it on, or your wealth and health will vanish in 7 days!!! Beware!!!:D

I wish all things what we need could be grown on trees,
most important, money[:D]. I could just go and pluck in speed

I wish all the cooked foods also had seeds, I could plant, grow them, pluck and eat

The trees need to be bonsai trees.

Technology transmits our voice to another corner of the world. people so far!
I wish the contents of the book would be transmitted into my mind without the actual read. we are very near! yaaay! then, I can master Chinese!!!

I wish clothes had a fine lining of rubber in them.
They wouldn't wrinkle and we dont need to iron!

I wish I had a pair of wings. I dont have to walk nor learn to swim!

Thats it for now! Thank you for coming this far! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Wow!! was what I thought, I would think and say about Avatar. But the movie only pampers you with awesome and impressive graphics but does not bother to captivate the attention of the audience at any point. With all the hype, I must say it has been pretty disappointing.

Next scene was predictable, most of the times. An other love story with flash attacks and blasts.

Boy-meets-girl. He saves  her world risking his own life. Most of the human beings are selfish and destruction oriented. They use and abuse power to accumulate wealth, except for the hero and his good friends.

More than the message of global warming I felt the movie conveyed that all the living creatures are in perfect harmony and it is for everyone and specially for the human race to understand it and nourish it. This message is sent across and it seems to be a nice reminder to all, if anyone has bothered to notice it, as goes the saying "Earth has enough for everyone's need, but not for everyone's greed".

3D version I guess would be a better bet for enjoying the stunning graphics.

Where can I get a  frog? :P

Kissing can turn a frog into a prince!!!

Disney's animation movie" the princess and the frog" was an entertaining one though.
This is the first time the Disney movie had an African-American princess. It potrays how she wins over the other American princess and marries the prince.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pesarattu Dosa

Food is cooked elaborately for 2-3 hours to perfection but is consumed in a matter of minutes and the fact that my work for 3 hours is all undone in a matter of minutes is really not acceptable.

Easy cooking has been my passion. I have always tried to find an easy way out for the lengthy cooking while retaining the taste.

My experiment has thus given me a new and tasty pesarattu.

Dosaaaa is one of my favourite food item and pesarattu is a special dosa and an Andhra Delicacy.
These are usually soft, but I have always loved crispy crunchy dosas.

I have edited the pesarattu to make them crispy and tasty. Healthy they are!

Try this
2 cups of Whole Moong Dal(the beans used for sprouts)
1 cup of Rice.
1 tea spoon Black pepper(whole)

Wash them and soak in water overnight.

Get up at 5.30 a.m(:D :P) in the morning, grind them. Make the batter liquid enough for the dosas to come out well.

Add salt, jeera and ajwain.

Make crunchy dosas! Put oil as well.