Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Racial Harmony Gathering

The last weekend was superb.
This small and sweet country has an amalgam of Chinese, Malay(Malaysians), Tamils(Indian) and European immigrants. The policies of the government are so framed to infuse and foster social cohesion amongst the various races. Various intiatives taken up by the government, apart from the policies, do seek to achieve a racially harmonious Singapore.
On the same lines, to promote racial harmony, Racial Harmony Day is celeberated on 21st July.
I was invited for a Racial harmony gathering, here at the community development centre inToa Payoh, on the weekend. It was a two hour programme. The guests participated in the events. I participated in the ramp walk and got the II prize too.[:)]. In India, at Sierra Atlantic's annual day, I walked the ramp as a Singaporean, and in Singapore , I walked the ramp as an Indian. The ramp walk was conducted for different age groups, separately. It was amazing to see old women, who I feel will be in their late 60's walking the ramp and also shaking a leg, for the music being played in the backgroud. It was so much of an inspiration. A lucky dip was also organised and 8 lucky people got gifts. Refreshments were served. The two hours passed by, adding to my collection, my bundle of life's memorable moments.

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