Friday, June 5, 2009

Transmissions through YM

I buzzed, I am not well , what do I do, the best is to be on my bed.
I heard a buzz.
Communication off late has a lot of buzz in it.

Wondered, why?

I have so much to talk, to convey, I am sure, u know.

U have no interest, nor the patience, or I was wrong.

Wrong, even if u are, I cannot stop you. For I know, I should, but I cant.

Worried if all will be lost. Life is short and shorter is the time to talk.

Those few minutes, but fuelled my day.

Happiness and Enthusiasm filled my mind, cheered me.

Missed out!
Forever!Why! How!

I don't know...

There is so much we do to others, we dont even realise most of the time, how our small actions and words, affect others.

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