Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tragedy in the air!

The news was very disturbing and painful. 
Firstly for the reason that 228 lives have been lost in a minute. Secondly because, the Air France Flight 447 just disappeared, and no one knew what happened for almost a day, and even after that, nothing could be done. The debris what was thought to be from the plane is now not.
We are living in a world, in a well connected world, a world where information passes from one point to another in a matter of seconds., and today we stand witness to the disappearance of a plane and not even know its whereabouts.
The world has shrunk, and air travel has played a great role in this process. Technology has made gaint leaps in various fields, air travel being one of the most prominent. Safety and comfort were increased, keeping the cost under control, making it affordable and being classified as a utility.
How ever,  such incidents happen. It brings pain and shock. May God bless us all.

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