Wednesday, June 10, 2009

friend, philosopher and guide
you were there by my side
gave me the courage to bear it all
you were there whenever i required

removed the insecurities i had
u were a precious gift
loved me more than wht i can say
wonder if i can ever repay

u nurtured me like a seed
watered love and concern
cast an affectionate spell

ur love, care and concern have enveloped me
ur commandments revolve around me

being away from me
may be a way to mend me
to get me to think and act on my own

miss the morning smile ... do u ?


  1. I dint understand the title of this post.. Can you hint me on what it is, please?

  2. digital fortress...

  3. i did read digital fortress and still i didnt understand much...what this is ???

    orai...word verification avasarama???

  4. i put a title..but removed it..want to put another difficult one..iknow i shouldnt be doing it...but then.. :-)