Wednesday, June 10, 2009

friend, philosopher and guide
you were there by my side
gave me the courage to bear it all
you were there whenever i required

removed the insecurities i had
u were a precious gift
loved me more than wht i can say
wonder if i can ever repay

u nurtured me like a seed
watered love and concern
cast an affectionate spell

ur love, care and concern have enveloped me
ur commandments revolve around me

being away from me
may be a way to mend me
to get me to think and act on my own

miss the morning smile ... do u ?

Friday, June 5, 2009


Week : Monday to Thursday
I have been thinking of it for more than week now. I will call him in the next 5 minutes and ask him. But of all things why will he have it. Probably in India, he might have, but in Singapore, for what reason will anyone have this and that too he has come here for a short period. That doesnt matter. I will still try.
Oh! he is leaving this Friday, I have to ask him, he might not have it, but let me atleast try.
I think but forget to act.

He comes home. I remember. And finally ask.

Me: "do you by any chance have a revenue stamp. I had to stick it on some forms."

His dream, the previous night : He had been to a shop in Singapore, asking for revenue stamps. The shopkeeper was surprised, as someone knew, he was selling Indian revenue stamps in Singapore.

How did he dream of a revenue stamp ?
Did my constant thought of asking him for a revenue stamp, get transmitted, by some forces in the universe?
Has the universe actually provided us with what ever we need, but is hidden in some form and we are not able to realise it?

As per someone, I suppose, the world has everything to satisy everyone's need but not everyone's greed.

The universe has miraclous powers, we are probably too ignorant to feel it.

Transmissions through YM

I buzzed, I am not well , what do I do, the best is to be on my bed.
I heard a buzz.
Communication off late has a lot of buzz in it.

Wondered, why?

I have so much to talk, to convey, I am sure, u know.

U have no interest, nor the patience, or I was wrong.

Wrong, even if u are, I cannot stop you. For I know, I should, but I cant.

Worried if all will be lost. Life is short and shorter is the time to talk.

Those few minutes, but fuelled my day.

Happiness and Enthusiasm filled my mind, cheered me.

Missed out!
Forever!Why! How!

I don't know...

There is so much we do to others, we dont even realise most of the time, how our small actions and words, affect others.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Will Bing Sing?!

A new search engine yet again, this time from Microsoft, Bing . Google is now the king when it comes to the internet search engine. Will Bing compete, win and sing. Well we need to wait and watch.
There is also a wag which expands Bing to But Its No Google. Unfortunate, but true, time alone will testimonise.
Google chrome however seems to have occupied a lot of space in people's mind and market share.
For now, for me, Google is the king!

Tragedy in the air!

The news was very disturbing and painful. 
Firstly for the reason that 228 lives have been lost in a minute. Secondly because, the Air France Flight 447 just disappeared, and no one knew what happened for almost a day, and even after that, nothing could be done. The debris what was thought to be from the plane is now not.
We are living in a world, in a well connected world, a world where information passes from one point to another in a matter of seconds., and today we stand witness to the disappearance of a plane and not even know its whereabouts.
The world has shrunk, and air travel has played a great role in this process. Technology has made gaint leaps in various fields, air travel being one of the most prominent. Safety and comfort were increased, keeping the cost under control, making it affordable and being classified as a utility.
How ever,  such incidents happen. It brings pain and shock. May God bless us all.