Thursday, May 7, 2009

Singara Puramu

I just realised I was on my summer vacation from blogging. I have not posted a single post, the whole of last month. Oh, yes, I have been vacationing, exploring the islands around.

The explorations have revealed further....I feel I am in a magically beautiful tiny country.

When I arrived here, on December 15, I was scared, not because it was scary, but it was too organised. I thought I would not be able to find my way and would be lost in this city. But my living here for more than 4 months has altered this belief. 

Harish and I explored a not much visited, tiny islands, 15-30 minutes ferry drive off Singapore, The St.John's and Kusu Islands. On the way we also got to see the Sister they are called, they could rather have been called as the twin islands, as they look very similar. They islands do not have many visitors. On the day we had been there, there were close to some 20 people.

There are is no food and water availability at the island, so we had pack it from home. A good place for family outings. 

When a relative of mine asked me..."You went by a ferry!!!?" This is how I explained.  Imagine Secunderabad being Singapore and Gachebowli an island closeby, then how do you commute.(Some funny conversations this) 

I am all the more happy for having been to this place, where many of our freinds residing in Singapore for the past 4 years, were all exited by our visit(they had not been there yet!!!) and kept asking me questions about the islands, and I was beaming with pride while explaining.

On the way back we also visited the Marina Barrage, another engineering marvel and architectural masterpiece. Above all a model of the barrage is built in the gallery and the show which explains the functioning of the barrage, has been quiet intriguing.

The best of all the whole day programme was the ferry ride. We requested the member of the crew if could sit in the front of the ferry,  Harish and  I  were lucky, sat on either sides in the front. The sun had been kind on us to save us from the heat. An awesome ride on the sea.

Finally the reason for the name: Singaram inTelugu to the best of my knowledge is Enchanting or Enticing or Fascinating or Glamorous or Lovely, and Puram is city. So named Singapore as Singara Puramu!!! :)

Hope it was  good read. I feel the read should be made more interesting, for my visit much more interesting than what I have described. I will explain in detail on my next visit and make points on immediately after travel, so all the essence is captured and presented right away!


Friends are for life.

Thanks to Arathi, I am now enlightened I can take this medium to talk about and remmeber my dearest friends who have been with me, whenever I needed them and, whenever I thought I did not need them ;) were there with their suggestions.

I have a lot of my friends, whom I need to thank, and will make sure I write an interesting memory with them in the coming posts, but for now...this is the one...

I remeber this incident when I think of my two friends Shafeeq and Deepa, who were my neighbours as well. Not as in living next door, but yes I could see their doors from my house, so I can say they were more than mentioning, staying closeby and less than being actual neighbours!

Deepa and I were from the same class during intermidiate and graduation. Shafeeq was from an other college, but we were all doing our MPC(Maths, Physics and Chemistry).

We did have pretty good competition amongst ourselves and our ego did not let us score lesser than the other.

Now the incident:

Shafeeq would study relegiously on his terrace everyday. He was more fond of studying under the street lights, especially during power cuts,(just for the reason that famous men had once done that in the pre-independent India era;) , sorry for revealing u, Shafeeq, but this is what u told me and I remember it well )

I could see the light on his terrace from my study room and would continue to study for some extra time after the lights are switched off, so that I could complete much more than he did, everyday and could ultimately score more than him. This is also to insure myelf against the risk that he might go inside and study further.

One day I studied till 2 o clock in the night, competing but the lights on his terrace were still on.

I had no clue what had gone wrong and why he was studying for this long. We had no mobiles those days to message and check.

So, after 2, finally I decided to give up for that day and advise him not to study for such long hours, when I next see him.

Early in the morning, I checked with Deepa as to why he continued studying for so long.

Unfortunately, the reason was that, he went down pretty early, had forgotten that he had to switch off the lights!!!!

Damn it!!!