Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Tagtime now, Being tagged by Anil, here I go, with the twenty five things.

1.       I always wished I had lots of magical powers, lots of them.

2.       I enjoy daydreaming. I don’t like to be disturbed when I do so.

3.       I am addicted to the “The Hindu” and just cannot settle for any other newspaper.

4.       I don’t use gifts, I like to preserve them, no matter what; so I encourage my friends to give me gifts that can be preserved. Smaller the better. A diamond ring will do [:D].

5.       I give gifts only if I know the other person who receives it will preserve it. I try and keep a track of it at times and my dad scolds me for this.

6.       I am obsessed with ginger garlic paste. I feel, food with out the paste is incomplete, and I have to make the paste myself.

7.       I am talking a lot on food these days as if it were my passion, but no, I just like to eat good food and for that  I have no other way but to make it myself. Nevertheless my cooking is cooking well.

8.       Chatting was the last thing I would want to do; that was before. Never replied offline messages. Would always be invisible. Now, that is the first thing I do, everyday, despite Harish’s protests.

9.       I hate the ostentatious display (of jewelry and clothes) at places of worship.

10.   I am very choosy; while purchasing my dresses, I cannot make a quick purchase.

11.   I have absolutely no work; but I still keep myself busy. I don’t know how!!!

12.   I want all the doors and windows open, most of the time.

13.   I am a cleanliness freak and want everything organized. I fight in all ways possible to achieve this state.

14.   I am so happy I found one person whose birthday is on the same day as mine. I have been searching for one since long. Looks like I am born on a very rare day [:D]

15.   I don’t particularly believe in celebrations, because I feel everyday is one.

16.   I am not fond of chocolates and ice creams.  My mom says even as a kid I never wanted them.

17.   I cannot eat fast. Means I can eat my dinner for an hour or more.

18.   I love to travel by train.

19.   While traveling, I love to just stare through the window. That’s while going to Kerala from Hyderabad. But while coming back I would rather read or sleep.

20.   I am the only child. When I ask my dad for pocket money( I did that even when I was working [:D], and love doing that), he says “ everything is yours, why do I even need to give you” that was his way. Now, Harish also does that. I want pocket money so that I can spend it off without a feeling of guilt. But this situation puts me into greater responsibilities. I only need pocket money so that I can spend it off like pocket money.

21.   I have to wash my legs before I go to sleep, to ward off bad dreams (it works too!!!)

22.   I hate eve-teasing. I wish I could rain stones on the person.

23.   Next to clothes, I have a fetish for pens. I have a good collection of them.

24.   I bunked my college only once and went for a movie. The thought of that day brings me smiles. I feel I should have done it a few more times.

25.  I am always at awe on the beauty of the nature, the sea, the sky, the stars, the different coloured birds, the flowers and trees and can keep gazing at them for hours.

I carry this forward and tag Renuka, Arathi , Ravi and Prabha

 Once you are tagged , you have to write 25 random things, facts, habits., etc about you. You are tagged because I want to know more about you.


  1. magic powers, wow :) show me some tricks :P

    ooo, may the editors of The Hindu read this :P

    oo diamond ring!! and i was thinking of rice grains immersed in preservative acids :P

    keep a track of it!! lol, i have lot of bigg preservative jars at home.. u cud give loadz of gifts :)

    i am in gtalk :P

    "you cannot make a quick purchase" - tell me one girl who could :P

    cleanliness freak!! u wud get a heart attack if u see my house :P

    rare day?? feb 29?? :P

    i love trains too :P

    you are in hyderabad and u r from kerala?? really?? talk about sabari express!! :P

    i hardly attended any classes during engineering :P

    good tag girlie :)

    happy holi :)

  2. Ha ha ha... Got to know some funny things about you... :-)

    Even I love nature, train journeys.. even I am crazy about keeping things clean.. Oh My! Lots of our tastes seem to match...

    I dint even know that I was tagged until I read about it in your blog. :-)

    I will update my blog soon about myself..

  3. @Ruby:thank u :)
    @Ravi:thank u and now u do :)
    @Sawan: I know the magic to convert rice grains to diamonds.Ill do that only if u promise to buy. Ill give u half a bottle(at 50% of the price) and give u for free the remaining half. ;)
    i saw u on gtalk. Let me clear my backlogs, havent spoken to many since long, once they done, ill definitely disturb, whether u like it or not.
    Feb 26, but I have found only one person born on that day :(
    Sabari, yep, frm palakkad and hyd; sabari is fine while going to kerala, only whle coming back does it delay.
    I wish I had bunked a few more. :)
    Happy holi to u too:)
    @Arathi :) I just tagged u and sent u a mail too :)

  4. 50% price deal sounds good :P

    and heyyy, m from palakkad too :P

  5. @sawan: so, ur sending me the money , right!

  6. ill giv it to ya next time u r in pkd :P