Thursday, March 19, 2009

3WW, Burden, Natural, Ubiquitous.

burden and travail deep ingrained in mind,
we know not what to do, but to turn around to see 
so natural we find the same around too
the thoughts duplicate themselves and are ubiquitous, 
they show us and prove that they are right, so is their might.
it takes an ardent fight, to move away from the visible,
the faithful do probe this path, 
faith does the fight on their journey forward
the burden cannot walk  long, for it lacks energy, 
neither are they faithful to accompany in your journey
gradually providence overwhelms us 
naturally the distress vanishes.

I remember these lines sent by Udaya;

"Darkness of the night or brightness of the day.
Even sunrise is temporary… And so is sunset.
If things are going good enjoy it… It won't last forever
And if things are going bad
Dont worry coz it won't last forever either.
Everything just passes by…

Today is Now! - And yesterday's gone! - The future uncertain!
Stop trying to change the past - Or live tomorrow missing today!
Live to Love and Love to live every today - make each moment count.
Don't live in regrets - Make the most of today... its all up to you to find your own way to peace in yourself.
Help others in need, bring joy to the world. 
Open up and be true, know your greatest gift today is to simply, BE YOU!
Today is now - that's all we know, make the most of it... 
May the Light of God surround you, His love enfold you, His power protect you, His presence watch over you and His Spirit be in you. "