Friday, March 27, 2009

Good, Better, Best, ....Bestest???

Internet Chatting has given birth to a  new vocabulary in English and the users have happily adopted and contributed to it. Sometimes they convey the meaning in a very apt manner, and then, language is in existence to help us express ourselves, so how does it matter as long as we can understand each other is the question. With so many changes in the environment that we live in, and on the lines of the quote "Change is the only thing that is constant" , we need to let our vocabulary also emerge is their say.

Hmmm....I actually forgot why I started writing this blog. 

Oh.yes, I remember, I was talking to my friend. I did not have anything much in particular, for we keep talking regularly, and we were talking about being good writers and speakers and so on....

So to keep the conversation going, I asked her  a question...

So, what do you call a person who cooks?

Any guessess??

A person who writes can be referred to as a  writer,
A person who speakes as a speaker,
A person who paints is a painter,
A person who teaches is a teacher,

So, Cooker!!! [:D] [;)]

Thursday, March 19, 2009

3WW, Burden, Natural, Ubiquitous.

burden and travail deep ingrained in mind,
we know not what to do, but to turn around to see 
so natural we find the same around too
the thoughts duplicate themselves and are ubiquitous, 
they show us and prove that they are right, so is their might.
it takes an ardent fight, to move away from the visible,
the faithful do probe this path, 
faith does the fight on their journey forward
the burden cannot walk  long, for it lacks energy, 
neither are they faithful to accompany in your journey
gradually providence overwhelms us 
naturally the distress vanishes.

I remember these lines sent by Udaya;

"Darkness of the night or brightness of the day.
Even sunrise is temporary… And so is sunset.
If things are going good enjoy it… It won't last forever
And if things are going bad
Dont worry coz it won't last forever either.
Everything just passes by…

Today is Now! - And yesterday's gone! - The future uncertain!
Stop trying to change the past - Or live tomorrow missing today!
Live to Love and Love to live every today - make each moment count.
Don't live in regrets - Make the most of today... its all up to you to find your own way to peace in yourself.
Help others in need, bring joy to the world. 
Open up and be true, know your greatest gift today is to simply, BE YOU!
Today is now - that's all we know, make the most of it... 
May the Light of God surround you, His love enfold you, His power protect you, His presence watch over you and His Spirit be in you. "

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thank U!

This is for u

And the little world u have brought me to

The beauty entices me

Your love enthralls me

My chafe frets me

Your perseverance enslaves me

I wish

Serendipity could engulf me

and the One Above us would bestow the non-pareil

May I be blessed to reciprocate all benevolence

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Tagtime now, Being tagged by Anil, here I go, with the twenty five things.

1.       I always wished I had lots of magical powers, lots of them.

2.       I enjoy daydreaming. I don’t like to be disturbed when I do so.

3.       I am addicted to the “The Hindu” and just cannot settle for any other newspaper.

4.       I don’t use gifts, I like to preserve them, no matter what; so I encourage my friends to give me gifts that can be preserved. Smaller the better. A diamond ring will do [:D].

5.       I give gifts only if I know the other person who receives it will preserve it. I try and keep a track of it at times and my dad scolds me for this.

6.       I am obsessed with ginger garlic paste. I feel, food with out the paste is incomplete, and I have to make the paste myself.

7.       I am talking a lot on food these days as if it were my passion, but no, I just like to eat good food and for that  I have no other way but to make it myself. Nevertheless my cooking is cooking well.

8.       Chatting was the last thing I would want to do; that was before. Never replied offline messages. Would always be invisible. Now, that is the first thing I do, everyday, despite Harish’s protests.

9.       I hate the ostentatious display (of jewelry and clothes) at places of worship.

10.   I am very choosy; while purchasing my dresses, I cannot make a quick purchase.

11.   I have absolutely no work; but I still keep myself busy. I don’t know how!!!

12.   I want all the doors and windows open, most of the time.

13.   I am a cleanliness freak and want everything organized. I fight in all ways possible to achieve this state.

14.   I am so happy I found one person whose birthday is on the same day as mine. I have been searching for one since long. Looks like I am born on a very rare day [:D]

15.   I don’t particularly believe in celebrations, because I feel everyday is one.

16.   I am not fond of chocolates and ice creams.  My mom says even as a kid I never wanted them.

17.   I cannot eat fast. Means I can eat my dinner for an hour or more.

18.   I love to travel by train.

19.   While traveling, I love to just stare through the window. That’s while going to Kerala from Hyderabad. But while coming back I would rather read or sleep.

20.   I am the only child. When I ask my dad for pocket money( I did that even when I was working [:D], and love doing that), he says “ everything is yours, why do I even need to give you” that was his way. Now, Harish also does that. I want pocket money so that I can spend it off without a feeling of guilt. But this situation puts me into greater responsibilities. I only need pocket money so that I can spend it off like pocket money.

21.   I have to wash my legs before I go to sleep, to ward off bad dreams (it works too!!!)

22.   I hate eve-teasing. I wish I could rain stones on the person.

23.   Next to clothes, I have a fetish for pens. I have a good collection of them.

24.   I bunked my college only once and went for a movie. The thought of that day brings me smiles. I feel I should have done it a few more times.

25.  I am always at awe on the beauty of the nature, the sea, the sky, the stars, the different coloured birds, the flowers and trees and can keep gazing at them for hours.

I carry this forward and tag Renuka, Arathi , Ravi and Prabha

 Once you are tagged , you have to write 25 random things, facts, habits., etc about you. You are tagged because I want to know more about you.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Smile Please

I am elated, on cloud 9; sometimes I am, and then I search for the real reason behind it. The reason sometimes unveils and with it my happiness gradually moves into oblivion. Same is the case with my sorrows. So this time, I will be happy and enjoy being in that state of mind rather than search for a reason.

Reason reveals only for  the state to be concealed.

I seriously presume there is no reason at all, its just that I am happy. But as write these lines, I remember two days back I was very furious and the after effects stayed on for almost till today, so when that feeling went pallid, my mind harmonised itself with the environment and I feel a sense of peace with myself. 

A smile is a curve that sets things straight. :)

Well very true , as I was walking past the bus stop, I saw a middle aged lady running for the bus, I smiled at her and she returned the same. I wonder if that smile made me happy. I wonder if she would have felt relieved during that tensed up run upto the bus. Most probably, she would have smiled even though she had missed the bus(luckily she didnt), for a smile stays for a long time in mind. 

I have the unusual habit of smiling at strangers, not everyone though. At times I dont raise my head and look to sides. I am in a world of my own and fail to observe the world around me. Today, in the temple, I did smile at one more stranger, a young girl and then wondered why I had smiled. She resembled a friend of mine. Sometimes we feel we know them, though we actually not. We smile at them, sometimes when the similarities are prominent, we end up talking to them and a new freindship blossoms.

It was Prakash's marriage yesterday and he married another friend of mine. I spoke to them and wished them. I missed the wedding, but I was still present invisibly. My team told me so, when I called them, that all of them did remember and miss me. This made me happy. I also spoke to another very dear sensitive friend after a long time,  I did not see her online for a few days in a row and it is not usual for it to happen. So I  am probably happy because I spoke to a lot of my friends today.

Smile which happens without our realisation and comes spontaneously definitely brings happiness. It stays for long too. 

I went ahead and spread my happiness to a few of my online friends. I pinged them and told them that I am feeling happy and I didnt know the reason. They were also very happy about this. May be they imagined my happiness and did also smile and feel happy when I wrote to them(I did not check, but felt so from the further conversations).

A conversation with one of my friend:

Friend: "So, what are you doing since you are very happy today?"

When someone asks me about doing something, I hate it, for I thought I was happy because I had nothing to do, and since I want to be happy, I want to continue doing nothing [:D]

Me:"I am happy because I didnt have to do anything today, and I dont want to do anything to continue being happy".

another friend asked to remain in this state always.

And then to continue to be in this spellbound state, which has occured after a very long time, I went for a walk, sat in the park, watched the green trees, dark clouds, breathed in - the cool breeze.

However happiness lies in work, in indulgence, in being mesmerised in doing the work.

“Happiness is like a butterfly: the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder…”– Thoreau

Quite true too.

So, I thought Ill enchant this magical spell to Harish too.


What else than to cook a delicious dinner was the spontaneous thought.

I prepared mooli & methi parathas in ghee, spiced up with my happiness. (was being postponed for a long time due to my laziness)

I have tasted them, they are yummy and relishious too....

I can top up with an icecream and chocolate too to move to the higher clouds, why stop at 9.

Let my mind cheer up my taste buds too...

Bharathi just told me the side dish for parathas...Kothimeer or Pudina chutney.
I tried them both together. 
Jumped into the mixie jar kothimeer, pudina, grated coconut, tamarind, garlic, salt, green chilli and water.

Jumped out the yummy greeny chutney