Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Organized Maze

I was between the devil and the deep sea and I choose the deep sea [:\]

I am alive and kicking...I am learning to swim now!!!

My new address; the maze or the well organized maze - very well organized indeed; 

The air ~ pure; 

The water ~ soft; 

The roads ~ clean; 

The skies ~ clear; 

The trees ~ green; 

The speed cameras and the warnings about the speed camera ahead; 

The narrow gap between the train and the station and the public announcement which says" Please mind the platform gap"

The step to get on to reach the last row seats in the bus with a warning " Please mind your step"

The escalators and the travelators

The mini parks a cluster of apartments have.

The buddhist monasteries and crystals and anything and everthig , believed to bring luck, money, education and so on and so forth!!!

While I like this new place
I miss  Hyderabad!!!my scooty rides!!! the pani puri bandis!!! the Hutch network!!! 

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