Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Friday...

A Friday ~ my official, cooking- for- dinner holiday; though unofficially I pretend to not have any[;)] accomodate as many as I can. 
The Friday, luckily for my husband, it was payment-for-the-dinner holiday too.
The dinners saw that I get out of my laziness and ventured out alone in the MRT(I miss my scoooty). 
I reached the place early, sat at a coffee shop watching people, all the people coming out of the huge towers and getting into them too....some done with their shopping, getting back home from their work; coming in for shopping, tourists having a glimpse and few of them like me loitering around and wasting time.

Music in the background, I love wasting time, observing people, their behaviour in public, the expressions on their faces

The scene :

Malls and many more around

Single Young Girls and Guys with their hair coloured and spiked; their skin speckless; munching something or sipping coffee; digging their eyes into their mobile; ipod playing music in their ears;some of them like the mannequins  walking out of their display windows. 

Lovely couples engrossed in some conversation; holding hands, whispering sweet nothings 

A few of them out of all these, walking comfortably~back home. 

SMRT buses followed by many more buses; taxi's and more of them; cars and HDB apartments(skyscrapers) and  a few condos in between.

Oh...half an hour just zoomed by; Harish came, we too went into the mall; a quick shopping(on the promise of a more exhaustive one) for my birthday(i miss the lovely salwars) and we were off for the dinner., dinner by the riverside; lovely vegetarian indian food; 

While on our way for the dinner I saw, at a night club, people sitting on wheel chairs and I thought it was an initiative for the physically challenged. I appreciated in my mind,  the care, concern and the initiatives. Great indeed, I thought, the privileges extended in public and private where-ever possible for the challenged.

Harish: My  dear, the hotel is named "THE CLINIC"; that is the theme[:D]; wheel chairs are used by one and all and on the other side are the beds, like in a hospital

Me: sheepishly [hehehe]

have you observed the lack or my observations skills...i told people, not places and the environment(did I)...happens sometimes!!! [;)]

On second thoughts: Would the cutlery and utensils be some medical paraphernalia: like testube, surgical pans, syringes ... hehehe....may be i should visit...
Would the settings be like an operation theatre inside...would the employees be dressed up as doctors?or nurses?


  1. lol, people seriously used wheel chairs?? thats a weird theme!! :P

  2. On second thoughts: I was just wondering about the utensils they might have used for serving food...May be some test tubes, syringes...hehehe