Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The Time : Dawn

The Sun : On my face

The Wind : On my hair

The Vehicle : The twin seater BMW open top car

The Drive on : The Hangzhou Bay Bridge [:D]

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines BirthDay

I adore February for it is filled with romance ; February is the month of love and life; love for the Valentines' day and life for I was born;

But I wish like the day 29 in Feb, the whole month itself would come once every four years for I  hate my birthday. I hate anything which showsup  its face regularly and with a question "What have you done the whole year?" Its like the appraisal....It presents me new targets....

Oh, yes I enjoy the phone calls and gifts and February pampers me with all the goodies.
I also enjoy the unlimited birthday shopping that comes for free...

I have hence decided: my resolution for my birthday:

I will count my age (minus one) for this; 

and in the coming years, 

I have a series (1, 3, 5, and so on till 13)

and then only oscillate in between these two, there on.

Cool!!! I am liking it

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. ~Mark Twain

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Friday...

A Friday ~ my official, cooking- for- dinner holiday; though unofficially I pretend to not have any[;)] accomodate as many as I can. 
The Friday, luckily for my husband, it was payment-for-the-dinner holiday too.
The dinners saw that I get out of my laziness and ventured out alone in the MRT(I miss my scoooty). 
I reached the place early, sat at a coffee shop watching people, all the people coming out of the huge towers and getting into them too....some done with their shopping, getting back home from their work; coming in for shopping, tourists having a glimpse and few of them like me loitering around and wasting time.

Music in the background, I love wasting time, observing people, their behaviour in public, the expressions on their faces

The scene :

Malls and many more around

Single Young Girls and Guys with their hair coloured and spiked; their skin speckless; munching something or sipping coffee; digging their eyes into their mobile; ipod playing music in their ears;some of them like the mannequins  walking out of their display windows. 

Lovely couples engrossed in some conversation; holding hands, whispering sweet nothings 

A few of them out of all these, walking comfortably~back home. 

SMRT buses followed by many more buses; taxi's and more of them; cars and HDB apartments(skyscrapers) and  a few condos in between.

Oh...half an hour just zoomed by; Harish came, we too went into the mall; a quick shopping(on the promise of a more exhaustive one) for my birthday(i miss the lovely salwars) and we were off for the dinner., dinner by the riverside; lovely vegetarian indian food; 

While on our way for the dinner I saw, at a night club, people sitting on wheel chairs and I thought it was an initiative for the physically challenged. I appreciated in my mind,  the care, concern and the initiatives. Great indeed, I thought, the privileges extended in public and private where-ever possible for the challenged.

Harish: My  dear, the hotel is named "THE CLINIC"; that is the theme[:D]; wheel chairs are used by one and all and on the other side are the beds, like in a hospital

Me: sheepishly [hehehe]

have you observed the lack or my observations skills...i told people, not places and the environment(did I)...happens sometimes!!! [;)]

On second thoughts: Would the cutlery and utensils be some medical paraphernalia: like testube, surgical pans, syringes ... hehehe....may be i should visit...
Would the settings be like an operation theatre inside...would the employees be dressed up as doctors?or nurses?

Organized Maze

I was between the devil and the deep sea and I choose the deep sea [:\]

I am alive and kicking...I am learning to swim now!!!

My new address; the maze or the well organized maze - very well organized indeed; 

The air ~ pure; 

The water ~ soft; 

The roads ~ clean; 

The skies ~ clear; 

The trees ~ green; 

The speed cameras and the warnings about the speed camera ahead; 

The narrow gap between the train and the station and the public announcement which says" Please mind the platform gap"

The step to get on to reach the last row seats in the bus with a warning " Please mind your step"

The escalators and the travelators

The mini parks a cluster of apartments have.

The buddhist monasteries and crystals and anything and everthig , believed to bring luck, money, education and so on and so forth!!!

While I like this new place
I miss  Hyderabad!!!my scooty rides!!! the pani puri bandis!!! the Hutch network!!! 

Friday, February 6, 2009

cooking~tasty dishes

How do you ensure people praise your dishes...

First ensure they are dead hungry.[:D]

Second: Do not disclose the ingredients ; neither the preparation [:D]
(if it is simple; the minds work on feeling out the felt something wrongs!!!)