Thursday, January 22, 2009

V5R4--hmmm V6R4

All girls gang of our team; the HR team. V5R4...wht...

Well I was always  proud of being a part of such a wonderful team - A Happening Team. All was well., well all is never well but most of all was always well and the least of all was sometimes not well...but that is good to keep all  well for most of the times. It was a great balance of 5 pretty, smart, sparkling, bright, lively (and all the synonyms of the adjectives used for girls) and 5 guys (hmmmm.....ok..) 5 good  guys(am I being unfair-no- just emphasizing on the angles(the fairer sex)!!!;)). 

Now the question to one of my team mates( a guy, one of my best friends and a good company too) :

 "What is it that all 5 of us girls in the team and u have in common?" 

It did sound very embarassing....All of them did give it a try though..unsuccessfully...

we r smart u see...not all can answer our witty questions(too much of self praise!)!!! 

The girls are
Jaya, Usha, Mary, Renu and Ruby.

The guy is Anup

Now what is common?

All of us have 4 letters in our name [:D]

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  1. I am commenting on my own blog ..hehe..but thats because I just noticed something frm the pic. and I dont want to go back and rewrite should be V7R4..includes our boss tooo.. :)