Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Random Memoirs...

I have a lot of time now...all the time in the world and so I have decided before I forget my sweet memories of the yesteryears I will pin the down on my renamed blog..The Slate. 
I have renamed it today for I feel my blog is indeed my slate... and is all that I write sense...May Be(Not)...that depends.....

my all time stupidity... my sweet stupid impulsive shopping...an absolute shopaholic that i am, have no clue of the amount spent on purchases, mostly dresses and footwear and a few collectibles....my mom has now come to know of all my rubbish gatherings, since I am here in Singapore and she ventured into my room and shelfs, which were so far prohibited for viewing and invisible for her. I call her and she has a list to spell out and then I laugh and grin over the phone. I was always in control of my credit card though, and did not shop till I drop, as I always remembered my mom advising me in malayalam"if u eat(fetish about food too) slowly, u can eat a mountain, so carefully controlled impulsive shopping would aid me a continuous shopping experience for a long time to come ., hey I am applying my learning to other fields too...:)

Now I have these excuses to my mom and make her understand how a well managed shopper I am.

well coming to the stupid part in shoping was with our (me and prasee) bargaining abilities. We would never understand the nuances of bargaining and did a bad job over and over;
finally I have decided to visit only fixed rate shops; but my blunders continue to haunt me as I choose the wrong fixed rate shop!!!

Purchased an earring(made of wax: and we thought it was a distinguished purchase)  at a posh store on Banjara Hills... Neeru's for Rs.150/-. This was with a teammate though. We were proud of our new possession  and displayed our bling in the office...guess what ...another teammate of mine showed me the same earring she purchased from Charminar for Rs.50(bargainable)

Moral: ... I did not learn...comeon...I refuse to learn!!!shopping is an experience and folly is fun...everything is fair in shopping like love and war.;)

we have the reasons ready to comfort ourselves; brand - Neeru's, airconditioned shopping experience; saved time and so on...

and the saga continues???hope not...

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