Monday, January 5, 2009

An organised maze???

Is it an maze or a well organised maze? Well this was my first impression of this beautiful, clean and green, park city.....I was used to remembering the way to a place by the name of the shops aroud and trees or halls. But here, alas.... it was a copy paste here...all brands at all places...all trees  similar to one just seen...know your address by heart and have your mobile with you. 
Atleast you can get into a taxi and be sure you reach your home safe....or else first timers you will go round and round.

In all this is a fine city and offers on the platter an olio of fines too. They are unbiased also, and everyone in the land of Singapore are given equal importance. Absolutely no discrimination on any terms of the fines, so u will definitely feel at home. What more...the magnitude changes for repeat offence.

Have a fine time with all the finery  around!!!

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