Monday, December 28, 2009

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Dt back to Dec 8th.

Suddenly it is an year!

It all feels like just yesterday. Time flew, along with it, showed new horizons, wiped out old memories, brought in new milestones, and it feels as if life has just started.

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is unborn.

Today is here! Today is now!

Let the burdens of the gone be buried!

Let the flavour of the unborn be sealed!

Revel in the Now! For it slips before we even know!

I am trying to see if I can write  poem, with a few rhyming words in them...but then I dont think it is easy...though I am sure the above one is pretty ok....I will have a few more practice sessions and all my guests will need to bear them...
As a kid I was always in awe of poems which had rhyming words.Those which were not rhyming were not poems for me.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas @ Orchard

Christmas is a reason for celebration by all people all over the world. It spreads love, togetherness, harmony and much more. It spreads merriness everywhere. Come the Christmas season and we see the malls and roads beautifully decorated with Colourful Lights, Christmas Trees  in different shapes and sizes, not to forget everyone's favourite  Father Christmas , Santa Claus.

Singapore was no different. The Orchard Road, a very busy road, in the Central Business District, which  has  Istana (official residence of The President of  Singapore) had the whole stretch of the road and malls on either side enticingly illuminated. For all the chocolate lovers... we  had a Christmas Tree made of Ferro Rochers.

The pathway was full of youngsters making merry with the Foam Party. Everyone had foam cans and would spray out at random passers-by or their own group of friends. The best half managed to not let anyone spray foam on, but yes, the other half was a victim :).

We walked down the entire stretch at midnight, clicking pictures of youngsters having fun with the foam and admiring the Christmas Trees and the figurines.Reached home at 2 in the night, all tired and hungry and had hot and delicious Maggi cooked by Harish.

How I wish I could share a few pictures, but lack of space in picasa stops me. Let me clear the existing pictures and then put them in. So keep visiting!!!

Wish you all a Happy New Year!

My Name!!!


RENU in Braille Alphabet

RENU in Sign Language

RENU in Morse Code

RENU in Marine Flag Language

Thank you Arathi

Try this!!! : Site that Pokes Your First Name!

Email and Email ids

The evolution of computers made more sense for the common man when the internet arrived! Email /Chat has been one of the most wonderful inventions. Like every other invention, this also has its own share of pros and cons, but has been a blessing to the otherwise expensive and time consuming business of communication.

The cyber cafe's mushroomed in the city. Initially the charges were almost Rs. 100 for opening an email id. I guess we could also use the computer for an hour. The current charges per hour are I guess Rs.10/-.

Today we share without great apprehensions our name, thoughts, photos and various other information on the internet. About 10 years ago when email and email id had just begun gaining acceptance most were happy to have own email ids, with their own name in this virtual world though some were very skeptic on the contrary.

My first mail id was, not in use anymore. Thanks to my friend Deepa, her cousin had taught her how to open a rediff mail id. Like many others, I belonged to the skeptic lot, but wanted an email id , though had no mails sent or received.

Most of us might not be using our first email ids any longer, while few have even forgotten that they ever had an email id like that.
A peek into the email ids would mostly unravel a funny story regarding the creation of email id in that particular fashion.

But I have a few of my friends using their first email ids. Some of them have a funny story to them. I cannot discuss the funny ones here, as they also read my blog and might be offended.

I can try and generalise one such story here. I got in touch with a friend of mine after almost 10 years. His email id was passed on by another friend of mine. I was skeptic initially as the email id did not seem to belong to him even remotely, except for the fact that a very trustworthy friend had given it to me. Moreover the friend under consideration is a male and the email id sounded feminine.

My first question was obviously about the email id.This email id he was using was his first one, but was not his mail id infact. It was actually his friends email id. As he did not know how to create one, he borrowed the id and kept it for himself. So the name in the email id was his friends pet name:-)

I guess all of us will have a story about our first encounter with computers, ms office, pc games( the most common one I guess was pac man) mail ids, and it will definitely bring a smile on our face when we think of what was going on in our mind while we were creating one!!!

I read somewhere: "I love to dance in the rain, because no one can see my tears"

Ok, now when you feel like crying and then there is no rain , what to do?

Cut onions!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

My wish list

Incase any of the wannabe entrepreneurs are looking for fantastic ideas, read through...

They are patented, so get in touch to make your royalty payments.

Listed below are a few wishes. Work on them and you could make millions. If you have read, implemented, made money, pass it on, or your wealth and health will vanish in 7 days!!! Beware!!!:D

I wish all things what we need could be grown on trees,
most important, money[:D]. I could just go and pluck in speed

I wish all the cooked foods also had seeds, I could plant, grow them, pluck and eat

The trees need to be bonsai trees.

Technology transmits our voice to another corner of the world. people so far!
I wish the contents of the book would be transmitted into my mind without the actual read. we are very near! yaaay! then, I can master Chinese!!!

I wish clothes had a fine lining of rubber in them.
They wouldn't wrinkle and we dont need to iron!

I wish I had a pair of wings. I dont have to walk nor learn to swim!

Thats it for now! Thank you for coming this far! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Wow!! was what I thought, I would think and say about Avatar. But the movie only pampers you with awesome and impressive graphics but does not bother to captivate the attention of the audience at any point. With all the hype, I must say it has been pretty disappointing.

Next scene was predictable, most of the times. An other love story with flash attacks and blasts.

Boy-meets-girl. He saves  her world risking his own life. Most of the human beings are selfish and destruction oriented. They use and abuse power to accumulate wealth, except for the hero and his good friends.

More than the message of global warming I felt the movie conveyed that all the living creatures are in perfect harmony and it is for everyone and specially for the human race to understand it and nourish it. This message is sent across and it seems to be a nice reminder to all, if anyone has bothered to notice it, as goes the saying "Earth has enough for everyone's need, but not for everyone's greed".

3D version I guess would be a better bet for enjoying the stunning graphics.

Where can I get a  frog? :P

Kissing can turn a frog into a prince!!!

Disney's animation movie" the princess and the frog" was an entertaining one though.
This is the first time the Disney movie had an African-American princess. It potrays how she wins over the other American princess and marries the prince.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pesarattu Dosa

Food is cooked elaborately for 2-3 hours to perfection but is consumed in a matter of minutes and the fact that my work for 3 hours is all undone in a matter of minutes is really not acceptable.

Easy cooking has been my passion. I have always tried to find an easy way out for the lengthy cooking while retaining the taste.

My experiment has thus given me a new and tasty pesarattu.

Dosaaaa is one of my favourite food item and pesarattu is a special dosa and an Andhra Delicacy.
These are usually soft, but I have always loved crispy crunchy dosas.

I have edited the pesarattu to make them crispy and tasty. Healthy they are!

Try this
2 cups of Whole Moong Dal(the beans used for sprouts)
1 cup of Rice.
1 tea spoon Black pepper(whole)

Wash them and soak in water overnight.

Get up at 5.30 a.m(:D :P) in the morning, grind them. Make the batter liquid enough for the dosas to come out well.

Add salt, jeera and ajwain.

Make crunchy dosas! Put oil as well.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Gongura Pacchadi(Sorrel Leaves Pickle) in 10 minutes

Yummm! Thanks to my friend, Shailaja, for sharing with me the reciepe of Gonguru(as mentioned by Harish) pacchadi. A very simple preparation. Here it goes:

Clean Gongura leaves and keep aside
Cut onion and tomato(1/2 of a tomato) in to thin and fine pieces.

Boil Gongura in little water for approximately 5 minutes.
Take oil in a kadai and coriander seeds and fry them, until the onion turns golden brown, add tomatoes and green chilli and fry them as well.Put turmeric into it.

Once cooled, put the mixture into the mixer jar along with 2-3 cloves of Garlic cut into small pieces and grind into a paste.
Now add the boiled gongura and salt and grind again.

Take the above paste in to a bowl.

Heat oil, put mustard, jeera and curry leaves and add to the paste.

Ready to eat Gongura Pacchadi!!!

If any of u all know such 10 minutes recipes please pass on...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Luncheon on a Banana Leaf!

Nostalgia engulfed me. A traditional meal in the traditional way. For me a south indian lunch on the banana leaf is one of the best things in life. Any occasion in Kerala was incomplete without a lunch served on banana leaf.

I remember how, whenever I visited Palakkad, to spend my holidays with my grandparents,I would rush to the thodi(the garden in the backyard) to cut a vazhela(banana leaf) for myself for lunch right on the day I arrived in spite of a tiring 22 hour train journey.

The onam and marriages were more of a happy lunch served on the leaf than the occasion itself. I would sit down, squatted legs with the vazhela in front of me, sprinkle water on it, as a mark of cleaning it, and would be served with hot rice, thick dal, ghee, sambar, banana chips, the sweet made of raw banana and jaggery(sharkaravattupperi), papadam, various other dishes like elisheri, upperi, pacchadi, kicchadi, ingipuli(my fav), rasam and curd.
There is also a particular order in which the food is served, and a preset position for each item.

The best part was to drink the payasam from the leaf, very effortlessly.

The actual way, my parents say, is to eat curd rice after the payasam, but I have preferred the payasam at the end, for the sweetness that remains for a long time.

I also love the Ashokapak served(sweetened betel nut powder) after lunch. As kids, all of us cousins, had finished most of the ashokapaks during our brothers wedding.

I remember how, I loved the Onam gathering in Hyderabad to just have the meal on the leaf.
However now, to meet the mass demand companies have started making paper vazhela and it does not even come near to gratifying the senses. We might as well have in a plate rather than paper banana leaf, for it is very disappointing, for our mind already starts relishing on the special taste of the food to be served on the real banana leaf.

After a long time, today, I relished my taste buds with an elaborate lunch on the leaf, with the taste of the food increased manifold. I could not sit down though :( .

I am waiting to go to Palakkad for a lunch on the leaf freshly cut from the tree from our own thodi.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Racial Harmony Gathering

The last weekend was superb.
This small and sweet country has an amalgam of Chinese, Malay(Malaysians), Tamils(Indian) and European immigrants. The policies of the government are so framed to infuse and foster social cohesion amongst the various races. Various intiatives taken up by the government, apart from the policies, do seek to achieve a racially harmonious Singapore.
On the same lines, to promote racial harmony, Racial Harmony Day is celeberated on 21st July.
I was invited for a Racial harmony gathering, here at the community development centre inToa Payoh, on the weekend. It was a two hour programme. The guests participated in the events. I participated in the ramp walk and got the II prize too.[:)]. In India, at Sierra Atlantic's annual day, I walked the ramp as a Singaporean, and in Singapore , I walked the ramp as an Indian. The ramp walk was conducted for different age groups, separately. It was amazing to see old women, who I feel will be in their late 60's walking the ramp and also shaking a leg, for the music being played in the backgroud. It was so much of an inspiration. A lucky dip was also organised and 8 lucky people got gifts. Refreshments were served. The two hours passed by, adding to my collection, my bundle of life's memorable moments.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

friend, philosopher and guide
you were there by my side
gave me the courage to bear it all
you were there whenever i required

removed the insecurities i had
u were a precious gift
loved me more than wht i can say
wonder if i can ever repay

u nurtured me like a seed
watered love and concern
cast an affectionate spell

ur love, care and concern have enveloped me
ur commandments revolve around me

being away from me
may be a way to mend me
to get me to think and act on my own

miss the morning smile ... do u ?

Friday, June 5, 2009


Week : Monday to Thursday
I have been thinking of it for more than week now. I will call him in the next 5 minutes and ask him. But of all things why will he have it. Probably in India, he might have, but in Singapore, for what reason will anyone have this and that too he has come here for a short period. That doesnt matter. I will still try.
Oh! he is leaving this Friday, I have to ask him, he might not have it, but let me atleast try.
I think but forget to act.

He comes home. I remember. And finally ask.

Me: "do you by any chance have a revenue stamp. I had to stick it on some forms."

His dream, the previous night : He had been to a shop in Singapore, asking for revenue stamps. The shopkeeper was surprised, as someone knew, he was selling Indian revenue stamps in Singapore.

How did he dream of a revenue stamp ?
Did my constant thought of asking him for a revenue stamp, get transmitted, by some forces in the universe?
Has the universe actually provided us with what ever we need, but is hidden in some form and we are not able to realise it?

As per someone, I suppose, the world has everything to satisy everyone's need but not everyone's greed.

The universe has miraclous powers, we are probably too ignorant to feel it.

Transmissions through YM

I buzzed, I am not well , what do I do, the best is to be on my bed.
I heard a buzz.
Communication off late has a lot of buzz in it.

Wondered, why?

I have so much to talk, to convey, I am sure, u know.

U have no interest, nor the patience, or I was wrong.

Wrong, even if u are, I cannot stop you. For I know, I should, but I cant.

Worried if all will be lost. Life is short and shorter is the time to talk.

Those few minutes, but fuelled my day.

Happiness and Enthusiasm filled my mind, cheered me.

Missed out!
Forever!Why! How!

I don't know...

There is so much we do to others, we dont even realise most of the time, how our small actions and words, affect others.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Will Bing Sing?!

A new search engine yet again, this time from Microsoft, Bing . Google is now the king when it comes to the internet search engine. Will Bing compete, win and sing. Well we need to wait and watch.
There is also a wag which expands Bing to But Its No Google. Unfortunate, but true, time alone will testimonise.
Google chrome however seems to have occupied a lot of space in people's mind and market share.
For now, for me, Google is the king!

Tragedy in the air!

The news was very disturbing and painful. 
Firstly for the reason that 228 lives have been lost in a minute. Secondly because, the Air France Flight 447 just disappeared, and no one knew what happened for almost a day, and even after that, nothing could be done. The debris what was thought to be from the plane is now not.
We are living in a world, in a well connected world, a world where information passes from one point to another in a matter of seconds., and today we stand witness to the disappearance of a plane and not even know its whereabouts.
The world has shrunk, and air travel has played a great role in this process. Technology has made gaint leaps in various fields, air travel being one of the most prominent. Safety and comfort were increased, keeping the cost under control, making it affordable and being classified as a utility.
How ever,  such incidents happen. It brings pain and shock. May God bless us all.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Singara Puramu

I just realised I was on my summer vacation from blogging. I have not posted a single post, the whole of last month. Oh, yes, I have been vacationing, exploring the islands around.

The explorations have revealed further....I feel I am in a magically beautiful tiny country.

When I arrived here, on December 15, I was scared, not because it was scary, but it was too organised. I thought I would not be able to find my way and would be lost in this city. But my living here for more than 4 months has altered this belief. 

Harish and I explored a not much visited, tiny islands, 15-30 minutes ferry drive off Singapore, The St.John's and Kusu Islands. On the way we also got to see the Sister they are called, they could rather have been called as the twin islands, as they look very similar. They islands do not have many visitors. On the day we had been there, there were close to some 20 people.

There are is no food and water availability at the island, so we had pack it from home. A good place for family outings. 

When a relative of mine asked me..."You went by a ferry!!!?" This is how I explained.  Imagine Secunderabad being Singapore and Gachebowli an island closeby, then how do you commute.(Some funny conversations this) 

I am all the more happy for having been to this place, where many of our freinds residing in Singapore for the past 4 years, were all exited by our visit(they had not been there yet!!!) and kept asking me questions about the islands, and I was beaming with pride while explaining.

On the way back we also visited the Marina Barrage, another engineering marvel and architectural masterpiece. Above all a model of the barrage is built in the gallery and the show which explains the functioning of the barrage, has been quiet intriguing.

The best of all the whole day programme was the ferry ride. We requested the member of the crew if could sit in the front of the ferry,  Harish and  I  were lucky, sat on either sides in the front. The sun had been kind on us to save us from the heat. An awesome ride on the sea.

Finally the reason for the name: Singaram inTelugu to the best of my knowledge is Enchanting or Enticing or Fascinating or Glamorous or Lovely, and Puram is city. So named Singapore as Singara Puramu!!! :)

Hope it was  good read. I feel the read should be made more interesting, for my visit much more interesting than what I have described. I will explain in detail on my next visit and make points on immediately after travel, so all the essence is captured and presented right away!


Friends are for life.

Thanks to Arathi, I am now enlightened I can take this medium to talk about and remmeber my dearest friends who have been with me, whenever I needed them and, whenever I thought I did not need them ;) were there with their suggestions.

I have a lot of my friends, whom I need to thank, and will make sure I write an interesting memory with them in the coming posts, but for now...this is the one...

I remeber this incident when I think of my two friends Shafeeq and Deepa, who were my neighbours as well. Not as in living next door, but yes I could see their doors from my house, so I can say they were more than mentioning, staying closeby and less than being actual neighbours!

Deepa and I were from the same class during intermidiate and graduation. Shafeeq was from an other college, but we were all doing our MPC(Maths, Physics and Chemistry).

We did have pretty good competition amongst ourselves and our ego did not let us score lesser than the other.

Now the incident:

Shafeeq would study relegiously on his terrace everyday. He was more fond of studying under the street lights, especially during power cuts,(just for the reason that famous men had once done that in the pre-independent India era;) , sorry for revealing u, Shafeeq, but this is what u told me and I remember it well )

I could see the light on his terrace from my study room and would continue to study for some extra time after the lights are switched off, so that I could complete much more than he did, everyday and could ultimately score more than him. This is also to insure myelf against the risk that he might go inside and study further.

One day I studied till 2 o clock in the night, competing but the lights on his terrace were still on.

I had no clue what had gone wrong and why he was studying for this long. We had no mobiles those days to message and check.

So, after 2, finally I decided to give up for that day and advise him not to study for such long hours, when I next see him.

Early in the morning, I checked with Deepa as to why he continued studying for so long.

Unfortunately, the reason was that, he went down pretty early, had forgotten that he had to switch off the lights!!!!

Damn it!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Good, Better, Best, ....Bestest???

Internet Chatting has given birth to a  new vocabulary in English and the users have happily adopted and contributed to it. Sometimes they convey the meaning in a very apt manner, and then, language is in existence to help us express ourselves, so how does it matter as long as we can understand each other is the question. With so many changes in the environment that we live in, and on the lines of the quote "Change is the only thing that is constant" , we need to let our vocabulary also emerge is their say.

Hmmm....I actually forgot why I started writing this blog. 

Oh.yes, I remember, I was talking to my friend. I did not have anything much in particular, for we keep talking regularly, and we were talking about being good writers and speakers and so on....

So to keep the conversation going, I asked her  a question...

So, what do you call a person who cooks?

Any guessess??

A person who writes can be referred to as a  writer,
A person who speakes as a speaker,
A person who paints is a painter,
A person who teaches is a teacher,

So, Cooker!!! [:D] [;)]

Thursday, March 19, 2009

3WW, Burden, Natural, Ubiquitous.

burden and travail deep ingrained in mind,
we know not what to do, but to turn around to see 
so natural we find the same around too
the thoughts duplicate themselves and are ubiquitous, 
they show us and prove that they are right, so is their might.
it takes an ardent fight, to move away from the visible,
the faithful do probe this path, 
faith does the fight on their journey forward
the burden cannot walk  long, for it lacks energy, 
neither are they faithful to accompany in your journey
gradually providence overwhelms us 
naturally the distress vanishes.

I remember these lines sent by Udaya;

"Darkness of the night or brightness of the day.
Even sunrise is temporary… And so is sunset.
If things are going good enjoy it… It won't last forever
And if things are going bad
Dont worry coz it won't last forever either.
Everything just passes by…

Today is Now! - And yesterday's gone! - The future uncertain!
Stop trying to change the past - Or live tomorrow missing today!
Live to Love and Love to live every today - make each moment count.
Don't live in regrets - Make the most of today... its all up to you to find your own way to peace in yourself.
Help others in need, bring joy to the world. 
Open up and be true, know your greatest gift today is to simply, BE YOU!
Today is now - that's all we know, make the most of it... 
May the Light of God surround you, His love enfold you, His power protect you, His presence watch over you and His Spirit be in you. "

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thank U!

This is for u

And the little world u have brought me to

The beauty entices me

Your love enthralls me

My chafe frets me

Your perseverance enslaves me

I wish

Serendipity could engulf me

and the One Above us would bestow the non-pareil

May I be blessed to reciprocate all benevolence

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Tagtime now, Being tagged by Anil, here I go, with the twenty five things.

1.       I always wished I had lots of magical powers, lots of them.

2.       I enjoy daydreaming. I don’t like to be disturbed when I do so.

3.       I am addicted to the “The Hindu” and just cannot settle for any other newspaper.

4.       I don’t use gifts, I like to preserve them, no matter what; so I encourage my friends to give me gifts that can be preserved. Smaller the better. A diamond ring will do [:D].

5.       I give gifts only if I know the other person who receives it will preserve it. I try and keep a track of it at times and my dad scolds me for this.

6.       I am obsessed with ginger garlic paste. I feel, food with out the paste is incomplete, and I have to make the paste myself.

7.       I am talking a lot on food these days as if it were my passion, but no, I just like to eat good food and for that  I have no other way but to make it myself. Nevertheless my cooking is cooking well.

8.       Chatting was the last thing I would want to do; that was before. Never replied offline messages. Would always be invisible. Now, that is the first thing I do, everyday, despite Harish’s protests.

9.       I hate the ostentatious display (of jewelry and clothes) at places of worship.

10.   I am very choosy; while purchasing my dresses, I cannot make a quick purchase.

11.   I have absolutely no work; but I still keep myself busy. I don’t know how!!!

12.   I want all the doors and windows open, most of the time.

13.   I am a cleanliness freak and want everything organized. I fight in all ways possible to achieve this state.

14.   I am so happy I found one person whose birthday is on the same day as mine. I have been searching for one since long. Looks like I am born on a very rare day [:D]

15.   I don’t particularly believe in celebrations, because I feel everyday is one.

16.   I am not fond of chocolates and ice creams.  My mom says even as a kid I never wanted them.

17.   I cannot eat fast. Means I can eat my dinner for an hour or more.

18.   I love to travel by train.

19.   While traveling, I love to just stare through the window. That’s while going to Kerala from Hyderabad. But while coming back I would rather read or sleep.

20.   I am the only child. When I ask my dad for pocket money( I did that even when I was working [:D], and love doing that), he says “ everything is yours, why do I even need to give you” that was his way. Now, Harish also does that. I want pocket money so that I can spend it off without a feeling of guilt. But this situation puts me into greater responsibilities. I only need pocket money so that I can spend it off like pocket money.

21.   I have to wash my legs before I go to sleep, to ward off bad dreams (it works too!!!)

22.   I hate eve-teasing. I wish I could rain stones on the person.

23.   Next to clothes, I have a fetish for pens. I have a good collection of them.

24.   I bunked my college only once and went for a movie. The thought of that day brings me smiles. I feel I should have done it a few more times.

25.  I am always at awe on the beauty of the nature, the sea, the sky, the stars, the different coloured birds, the flowers and trees and can keep gazing at them for hours.

I carry this forward and tag Renuka, Arathi , Ravi and Prabha

 Once you are tagged , you have to write 25 random things, facts, habits., etc about you. You are tagged because I want to know more about you.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Smile Please

I am elated, on cloud 9; sometimes I am, and then I search for the real reason behind it. The reason sometimes unveils and with it my happiness gradually moves into oblivion. Same is the case with my sorrows. So this time, I will be happy and enjoy being in that state of mind rather than search for a reason.

Reason reveals only for  the state to be concealed.

I seriously presume there is no reason at all, its just that I am happy. But as write these lines, I remember two days back I was very furious and the after effects stayed on for almost till today, so when that feeling went pallid, my mind harmonised itself with the environment and I feel a sense of peace with myself. 

A smile is a curve that sets things straight. :)

Well very true , as I was walking past the bus stop, I saw a middle aged lady running for the bus, I smiled at her and she returned the same. I wonder if that smile made me happy. I wonder if she would have felt relieved during that tensed up run upto the bus. Most probably, she would have smiled even though she had missed the bus(luckily she didnt), for a smile stays for a long time in mind. 

I have the unusual habit of smiling at strangers, not everyone though. At times I dont raise my head and look to sides. I am in a world of my own and fail to observe the world around me. Today, in the temple, I did smile at one more stranger, a young girl and then wondered why I had smiled. She resembled a friend of mine. Sometimes we feel we know them, though we actually not. We smile at them, sometimes when the similarities are prominent, we end up talking to them and a new freindship blossoms.

It was Prakash's marriage yesterday and he married another friend of mine. I spoke to them and wished them. I missed the wedding, but I was still present invisibly. My team told me so, when I called them, that all of them did remember and miss me. This made me happy. I also spoke to another very dear sensitive friend after a long time,  I did not see her online for a few days in a row and it is not usual for it to happen. So I  am probably happy because I spoke to a lot of my friends today.

Smile which happens without our realisation and comes spontaneously definitely brings happiness. It stays for long too. 

I went ahead and spread my happiness to a few of my online friends. I pinged them and told them that I am feeling happy and I didnt know the reason. They were also very happy about this. May be they imagined my happiness and did also smile and feel happy when I wrote to them(I did not check, but felt so from the further conversations).

A conversation with one of my friend:

Friend: "So, what are you doing since you are very happy today?"

When someone asks me about doing something, I hate it, for I thought I was happy because I had nothing to do, and since I want to be happy, I want to continue doing nothing [:D]

Me:"I am happy because I didnt have to do anything today, and I dont want to do anything to continue being happy".

another friend asked to remain in this state always.

And then to continue to be in this spellbound state, which has occured after a very long time, I went for a walk, sat in the park, watched the green trees, dark clouds, breathed in - the cool breeze.

However happiness lies in work, in indulgence, in being mesmerised in doing the work.

“Happiness is like a butterfly: the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder…”– Thoreau

Quite true too.

So, I thought Ill enchant this magical spell to Harish too.


What else than to cook a delicious dinner was the spontaneous thought.

I prepared mooli & methi parathas in ghee, spiced up with my happiness. (was being postponed for a long time due to my laziness)

I have tasted them, they are yummy and relishious too....

I can top up with an icecream and chocolate too to move to the higher clouds, why stop at 9.

Let my mind cheer up my taste buds too...

Bharathi just told me the side dish for parathas...Kothimeer or Pudina chutney.
I tried them both together. 
Jumped into the mixie jar kothimeer, pudina, grated coconut, tamarind, garlic, salt, green chilli and water.

Jumped out the yummy greeny chutney

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The Time : Dawn

The Sun : On my face

The Wind : On my hair

The Vehicle : The twin seater BMW open top car

The Drive on : The Hangzhou Bay Bridge [:D]

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines BirthDay

I adore February for it is filled with romance ; February is the month of love and life; love for the Valentines' day and life for I was born;

But I wish like the day 29 in Feb, the whole month itself would come once every four years for I  hate my birthday. I hate anything which showsup  its face regularly and with a question "What have you done the whole year?" Its like the appraisal....It presents me new targets....

Oh, yes I enjoy the phone calls and gifts and February pampers me with all the goodies.
I also enjoy the unlimited birthday shopping that comes for free...

I have hence decided: my resolution for my birthday:

I will count my age (minus one) for this; 

and in the coming years, 

I have a series (1, 3, 5, and so on till 13)

and then only oscillate in between these two, there on.

Cool!!! I am liking it

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. ~Mark Twain

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Friday...

A Friday ~ my official, cooking- for- dinner holiday; though unofficially I pretend to not have any[;)] accomodate as many as I can. 
The Friday, luckily for my husband, it was payment-for-the-dinner holiday too.
The dinners saw that I get out of my laziness and ventured out alone in the MRT(I miss my scoooty). 
I reached the place early, sat at a coffee shop watching people, all the people coming out of the huge towers and getting into them too....some done with their shopping, getting back home from their work; coming in for shopping, tourists having a glimpse and few of them like me loitering around and wasting time.

Music in the background, I love wasting time, observing people, their behaviour in public, the expressions on their faces

The scene :

Malls and many more around

Single Young Girls and Guys with their hair coloured and spiked; their skin speckless; munching something or sipping coffee; digging their eyes into their mobile; ipod playing music in their ears;some of them like the mannequins  walking out of their display windows. 

Lovely couples engrossed in some conversation; holding hands, whispering sweet nothings 

A few of them out of all these, walking comfortably~back home. 

SMRT buses followed by many more buses; taxi's and more of them; cars and HDB apartments(skyscrapers) and  a few condos in between.

Oh...half an hour just zoomed by; Harish came, we too went into the mall; a quick shopping(on the promise of a more exhaustive one) for my birthday(i miss the lovely salwars) and we were off for the dinner., dinner by the riverside; lovely vegetarian indian food; 

While on our way for the dinner I saw, at a night club, people sitting on wheel chairs and I thought it was an initiative for the physically challenged. I appreciated in my mind,  the care, concern and the initiatives. Great indeed, I thought, the privileges extended in public and private where-ever possible for the challenged.

Harish: My  dear, the hotel is named "THE CLINIC"; that is the theme[:D]; wheel chairs are used by one and all and on the other side are the beds, like in a hospital

Me: sheepishly [hehehe]

have you observed the lack or my observations skills...i told people, not places and the environment(did I)...happens sometimes!!! [;)]

On second thoughts: Would the cutlery and utensils be some medical paraphernalia: like testube, surgical pans, syringes ... hehehe....may be i should visit...
Would the settings be like an operation theatre inside...would the employees be dressed up as doctors?or nurses?

Organized Maze

I was between the devil and the deep sea and I choose the deep sea [:\]

I am alive and kicking...I am learning to swim now!!!

My new address; the maze or the well organized maze - very well organized indeed; 

The air ~ pure; 

The water ~ soft; 

The roads ~ clean; 

The skies ~ clear; 

The trees ~ green; 

The speed cameras and the warnings about the speed camera ahead; 

The narrow gap between the train and the station and the public announcement which says" Please mind the platform gap"

The step to get on to reach the last row seats in the bus with a warning " Please mind your step"

The escalators and the travelators

The mini parks a cluster of apartments have.

The buddhist monasteries and crystals and anything and everthig , believed to bring luck, money, education and so on and so forth!!!

While I like this new place
I miss  Hyderabad!!!my scooty rides!!! the pani puri bandis!!! the Hutch network!!! 

Friday, February 6, 2009

cooking~tasty dishes

How do you ensure people praise your dishes...

First ensure they are dead hungry.[:D]

Second: Do not disclose the ingredients ; neither the preparation [:D]
(if it is simple; the minds work on feeling out the felt something wrongs!!!)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Manage energy - Not Time ;)

Off late, availability of  lot of time has put me to thinking, to convert the time into energy...since now-a-days its all about : "manage your energy , not time"

During our visit to the night safari at Singapore  I had the commentator speak about the tiger. 
"The tiger sleeps for 20 hours a day; as it needs to digest its catch and garner the required energy for the next catch- so powerful and strong an animal that it is" [:d].

I am a human being and aspire to be atleast half as powerful as a tiger...and sleeping for 10 hours is pretty reasonable that way with nothing much to do....atleast it would help me garner energy...become more powerful and strong.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

V5R4--hmmm V6R4

All girls gang of our team; the HR team. V5R4...wht...

Well I was always  proud of being a part of such a wonderful team - A Happening Team. All was well., well all is never well but most of all was always well and the least of all was sometimes not well...but that is good to keep all  well for most of the times. It was a great balance of 5 pretty, smart, sparkling, bright, lively (and all the synonyms of the adjectives used for girls) and 5 guys (hmmmm.....ok..) 5 good  guys(am I being unfair-no- just emphasizing on the angles(the fairer sex)!!!;)). 

Now the question to one of my team mates( a guy, one of my best friends and a good company too) :

 "What is it that all 5 of us girls in the team and u have in common?" 

It did sound very embarassing....All of them did give it a try though..unsuccessfully...

we r smart u see...not all can answer our witty questions(too much of self praise!)!!! 

The girls are
Jaya, Usha, Mary, Renu and Ruby.

The guy is Anup

Now what is common?

All of us have 4 letters in our name [:D]

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Random Memoirs...

I have a lot of time now...all the time in the world and so I have decided before I forget my sweet memories of the yesteryears I will pin the down on my renamed blog..The Slate. 
I have renamed it today for I feel my blog is indeed my slate... and is all that I write sense...May Be(Not)...that depends.....

my all time stupidity... my sweet stupid impulsive absolute shopaholic that i am, have no clue of the amount spent on purchases, mostly dresses and footwear and a few mom has now come to know of all my rubbish gatherings, since I am here in Singapore and she ventured into my room and shelfs, which were so far prohibited for viewing and invisible for her. I call her and she has a list to spell out and then I laugh and grin over the phone. I was always in control of my credit card though, and did not shop till I drop, as I always remembered my mom advising me in malayalam"if u eat(fetish about food too) slowly, u can eat a mountain, so carefully controlled impulsive shopping would aid me a continuous shopping experience for a long time to come ., hey I am applying my learning to other fields too...:)

Now I have these excuses to my mom and make her understand how a well managed shopper I am.

well coming to the stupid part in shoping was with our (me and prasee) bargaining abilities. We would never understand the nuances of bargaining and did a bad job over and over;
finally I have decided to visit only fixed rate shops; but my blunders continue to haunt me as I choose the wrong fixed rate shop!!!

Purchased an earring(made of wax: and we thought it was a distinguished purchase)  at a posh store on Banjara Hills... Neeru's for Rs.150/-. This was with a teammate though. We were proud of our new possession  and displayed our bling in the office...guess what ...another teammate of mine showed me the same earring she purchased from Charminar for Rs.50(bargainable)

Moral: ... I did not learn...comeon...I refuse to learn!!!shopping is an experience and folly is fun...everything is fair in shopping like love and war.;)

we have the reasons ready to comfort ourselves; brand - Neeru's, airconditioned shopping experience; saved time and so on...

and the saga continues???hope not...

Monday, January 5, 2009

An organised maze???

Is it an maze or a well organised maze? Well this was my first impression of this beautiful, clean and green, park city.....I was used to remembering the way to a place by the name of the shops aroud and trees or halls. But here, alas.... it was a copy paste here...all brands at all places...all trees  similar to one just seen...know your address by heart and have your mobile with you. 
Atleast you can get into a taxi and be sure you reach your home safe....or else first timers you will go round and round.

In all this is a fine city and offers on the platter an olio of fines too. They are unbiased also, and everyone in the land of Singapore are given equal importance. Absolutely no discrimination on any terms of the fines, so u will definitely feel at home. What more...the magnitude changes for repeat offence.

Have a fine time with all the finery  around!!!