Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hyderabad-the land of Nawabs, Pearls, Biryani, Haleem and much more....


All that comes to my mind is the mouth watering awesome biryani...the mutton biryani. Next is the tasty but scarcely available(in terms of number of days) rather ubiquitously available during the holy month of Ramzan...hte mouth watering Haleem.

The best place to visit would be Paradise. Now!! Is that the Paradise as in Heaven, God's world..Well it The Paradise Restaurant in Hyderabad, an aptly named biryani lovers paradise indeed.

If you are a non vegetarian planning to visit Hyderabad, Paradise is the place for authentic Dum Biryani( the food at the parcel section is not great though). If you are lucky to be there during the holy month of Ramzan, then you relish the mouth watering, stomach filling Haleem. Do not forget to ask for the fried onions and a slice of lemon. They just aggravate the tingle in your tastebuds to indulge you in heaven. :)

Now what else after food!!!

Shopping !!! What else...I guess they just go perfectly well, hand in hand. Food not accompanied by a shopping exercise is rather incomplete.

So now where for shopping?

Just a few 100 meters away is a great shopping area. The General Bazar. Walk down and go shopping.

What in shopping?

Well the first thing would be the Pearls!!!

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Pearls are the bestest. If you are done with your purchase of diamonds head for pearls, if not no excuses, you can buy diamonds and pearls together now. :D.

If you have started with lunch at Paradise, then I am sure, its going to be evening by the time you are done with the shopping.

And I am sure you must have acquired a good amount of small denomination notes/coins and I am also sure you want to lighten your purse a little more before you close in on the wonderful day's experiences. So head for icreams, chaat, tea, coffee, burgers...and more and if it is during Ramzan, you know what to do.

Have a Happy Hyderabad Day!!!!

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